Violinist, violin and viola teacher, Suzuki Early Childhood Educator

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I am passionate about teaching and consider it a vital part of my identity as a musician. I realized that I was interested in teaching early on in my own training, so I pursued Suzuki teacher training concurrently with my two performance degrees. I am trained in books 1-10 of the Suzuki violin repertoire (books 1-4 twice over!) and in Stages 1-3 of Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE), a non-instrument specific music curriculum for the youngest of students (0-3).

I believe strongly in the tenets of the Suzuki philosophy: all children can learn to play an instrument, talent is developed, not inborn, and a positive, calm learning environment nurtures growth. I work closely with the students and parents in my studio to foster enthusiasm and discipline for music.

My violin/viola studio currently ranges in age from 3-18 and includes students of all levels. I am happy to start students at any age—it’s never too early to join an SECE class and never too late to begin lessons—and I also accept transfer students of all ages and abilities. I believe my grounding in Suzuki teaching philosophy allows me both the skill and the flexibility to meet students at any starting point and help them develop strong technical and musical skills and sensitive ears.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about how lessons could fit into your family’s life!

photo by Dana D’amico